About Peggy Plet

Peggy Plet was born in Suriname. After nearly three decades in the Netherlands, she now considers Canada home. She is a descendent of enslaved Africans and the third generation born after Emancipation. Peggy is aware of the sacrifices made by her ancestors on whose shoulders she stands. She has been studying Black History as an Independent researcher for almost thirty years. Recurring themes in her research are: Why are narratives constructed the way they are? What are the stories we are telling ourselves about the past? Whose stories get archived and who decides this?

She stated that knowing her history allows her to live her life with purpose. When she is not working or researching, she enjoys cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, hiking, and riding her bike.

Peggy is a published author, developer and walking tour leader of Black Presence in Berlin, in downtown Kitchener.

Active in the community

Peggy is a mainstay in her community, sharing her knowledge and expertise about local history and heritage.

Her local knowledge of the Black experience throughout history is unparalleled.

Peggy's popular walking tours reveal surprising facts that will forever change the way you look at local landmarks and locations.

“I just completed a Stroll walking tour of Kitchener, highlighting the contributions of early black settlers in the area. The presentation was fascinating! I learned aspects of local history I had never known, despite having lived in the region for over 50 years.”

Gwen M